Slash Your Mobile Bill by £300 a Year with This Simple Trick

Learn how to slash your mobile bill by £300 a year with this simple trick from Martin Lewis. Discover the power of haggling and start saving money today!
Slash Your Mobile Bill by £300 a Year with This Simple Trick
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Slash Your Mobile Bill by £300 a Year with This Simple Trick

Are you tired of paying exorbitant mobile bills every month? With the cost of living crisis looming over us, it’s essential to find ways to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Fortunately, Martin Lewis, the renowned money-saving expert, has shared a clever hack to reduce your mobile bill by £300 a year.

The Power of Haggling

Haggling is not just limited to backstreet markets; some companies are willing to make concessions if you ask. Lewis recommends calling your service provider and negotiating a better deal. It’s essential to do your research beforehand, using tools like the Cheap Sim Finder and Broadband Comparison to find the best offers.

Top 14 UK Service Companies to Haggle With

Here are the top 14 UK service companies where haggling can lead to significant savings:

  • Virgin Media - 89% success rate
  • TalkTalk - 89% success rate
  • RAC - 85% success rate
  • AA - 84% success rate
  • Plusnet - 80% success rate
  • Sky - 79% success rate
  • BT - 76% success rate
  • Admiral - 75% success rate
  • Churchill - 73% success rate
  • AA Insurance - 73% success rate
  • O2 - 73% success rate
  • EE - 70% success rate
  • Direct Line - 67% success rate
  • LV - 63% success rate

How to Haggle Like a Pro

To increase your chances of getting a better deal, remember to:

  • Be calm and polite
  • Research the best offers beforehand
  • Ask questions like “Is this the best you can do?” or “This is the maximum I can pay according to my budget.”
  • If they don’t offer you a deal, ask to be put through to retentions - a department with huge hidden discounts.

Make that call and start saving today!

The Benefits of Haggling

Haggling is not just about saving money; it’s also about being an informed consumer. By taking control of your mobile bill, you can:

  • Reduce your expenses
  • Improve your financial literacy
  • Develop a sense of empowerment


Slashing your mobile bill by £300 a year is not rocket science. With a simple phone call and some basic research, you can negotiate a better deal with your service provider. So, take the first step today and start saving!

Start saving money today!