Unveiling the Secrets of Sustainable Gardening: Money-Saving Hacks by Filip Johansson

Discover simple yet effective money-saving and sustainable gardening hacks shared by Swedish gardener Filip Johansson. From weed barriers to DIY seed tape, learn how to enhance your gardening experience.
Unveiling the Secrets of Sustainable Gardening: Money-Saving Hacks by Filip Johansson

Simple Money-Saving and Sustainable Gardening Hacks

Swedish gardener Filip Johansson’s journey from the tech world to the realm of gardening is nothing short of inspiring. Together with his brother, he transformed a free plot of land into a flourishing garden of flowers and vegetables. Today, with a massive following on Instagram, Filip shares his innovative money-saving and sustainable gardening hacks with the world.

Cardboard Weed Barrier

One of Filip’s clever hacks involves creating a cardboard weed barrier. By cutting out a piece of cardboard and placing it around the plant, you can prevent weeds from competing with your seedlings. The cardboard eventually disintegrates, leaving your plants weed-free.

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Harvesting Herbs Quickly

Filip’s tip for harvesting herbs efficiently involves using a colander. By running the herb stems through the holes of a colander, you can easily remove the leaves, saving time and effort.

Water-Saving Harvest Technique

To save water while rinsing harvested vegetables, Filip suggests using a basket over a bucket. The water collected from rinsing the vegetables can then be reused to water plants, promoting sustainability.

Revitalizing Old Potting Soil

Instead of discarding old potting soil, Filip recommends revitalizing it by adding nutrients like nettle water or coffee grounds. This process not only saves time but also benefits the soil and plants.

DIY Seed Tape

For small seeds that are challenging to space evenly, Filip’s solution is to create seed tape using toilet paper. By mixing flour with water to create a sticky glue, you can easily space out seeds for planting.

Ant Control with Corks

To deter ants from invading your garden, Filip suggests using corks as perfect spacers for seedlings. By screwing corks into a wooden board at desired intervals, you can create precise holes for planting.

These are just a few of the many innovative gardening hacks shared by Filip Johansson. His book, ‘Garden Hacks,’ offers a comprehensive guide to sustainable and cost-effective gardening practices.

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Filip Johansson’s ‘Garden Hacks’ is a must-read for gardening enthusiasts looking to elevate their gardening game. With practical tips and creative solutions, Filip’s expertise shines through in every page.

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